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Hi, I'm Eddie.


Born helpless, nude, and unable to provide for himself, Eddie eventually overcame these handicaps to become who he is today.

I am a falling senior at The University of Texas at Austin studying Computer Science and Business.



Fall of 2013 my HackTx team and I were finalists of the HackTx hackathon. We created Morpheus. Morpheus brings distributed computing to smartphones by leveraging smartphone idle processing power. Smartphone app users download an alarm clock app which runs map jobs while they sleep and compensates users with money through Dwolla! We used Dwolla, iOS 7, Python, Django, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Summer of 2013 my team and I created a World Crisis Database Website for CS 373 Software Engineering. We used Python, Django, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, and Heroku. Actually, I suggested the course use Heroku instead of the school provided web server. My professor changed his curriculum because of my suggestion and proof that Heroku could work in a class setting.